Dystopia Linky

via Scott Common: ranking dystopias by their livability.

via Ben Sedley: that time Alan Moore wrote stories for Star Wars.

It’s Steph Curry playing HORSE with his dad! (If you don’t know who Steph Curry is… he’s like, in the movies where an overlooked kid with none of the physical attributes rises to somehow become the champion of the world, he’s that, but he really exists and is really doing it.)

How smiling evolved over a century of yearbook photos. (I knew people maintained a neutral expression in early photos because the images took time to fix, and neutral faces were easier to hold – but this article attributes smiling in photos to a marketing campaign from Kodak!)

Einstein’s complex ideas, compellingly explained using only simple and commonplace words.

More Steph: professional ballet dancers analyse his grace on the court.

Big, warm-hearted article on the outsize presence of Samoans in American Football.

Via David R: the perfect shot in Alien 3.

Via Steve Ellis: the 6 ballsiest moments in the history of American espionage.

And finally, probably the extreme-est of the extreme haunted houses trend.

3 thoughts on “Dystopia Linky”

  1. finally someone agrees with me about how horrifying the world of Wall-E is. Full dystopian horror, this is what I’ve been saying the whole time!

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