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January Races

As in, January races past. Back in Wellington. Travels completed. Big Day Out attended. Kapcon played through. Return to usual pattern of life theoretically underway.
So much to blog about that I doubt I’ll get to all of it, or that when I do get to stuff, it will be such old news no-one but me will care.
Think I’ll trial a new blog style this year, posting on a single subject as-and-when rather than making omnibus rambling posts each weekday. Have also decided to start organising the content on here before it gets so enormous that I’ll never get it done, so categories are now enabled, although they’re mostly not being used. Tags should be following soon.
I have a feeling that this years blogging will be slightly different to last year’s, as that year’s was to the one before. Change is necessary! If nothing else, we’re in for a lot of politics this year with NZ and US elections going on, so that’ll no doubt occupy me more than in previous years.
And there’s about six new additions to be made to my blogroll. The local blogosphere is jumping. Shout-outs, of course, to the AdditiveRich massive, and the endless generosity of David who keeps the whole thing rolling on.