Diamond Necklace: Back Again

The Affair of the Diamond Necklace is coming back to Wellington in December. There was an August show, which I’ve written about before. We’re back for another go Saturday December 12. A full evening of interactive entertainment including Vector Orchestra performance and a very nice meal. Will be an excellent night I’m sure! We’ve been … Continue reading Diamond Necklace: Back Again

Apollo 13: Mission Control

Went to interactive theatre piece Apollo 13: Mission Control last week. It’s on a third season in Wellington and has toured around the country and to Oz; tours further abroad are being planned. It’s been hugely successful, and deservedly so. The basic setup: the show takes place in Mission Control for the Apollo 13 mission. … Continue reading Apollo 13: Mission Control

Marie Antoinette on Nightline

Edit: we’re on tonight! Yesterday the afternoon was spent in the Hippopotamus restaurant, filming a segment for TV3’s Nightline late edition news show. Nightline does like its quirky culture bits to round off the evening, and we’re lined up for Monday’s show tonight’s show! We had five costumed performers enjoying High Tea, improvising like mad … Continue reading Marie Antoinette on Nightline

Writing Update: September

Regarding tne twelve-short-stories target for the year, I’m finally hitting par with this set of written pieces: – “The Tape” – “Buckets” – “Babel” – “The Twelve Times I Drank Too Much” – “Lift Story” – “The Apotheosis of Melvin Rameka” – “Inappropriate Boss” – “The Intervention Upstairs” – “The Confessions” Not a single one … Continue reading Writing Update: September

Writing Update: July/August

Still working on tne twelve short stories target for the year. Either finished or in a late-stage draft: – “The Tape” – “Buckets” – “Babel” – “The Twelve Times I Drank Too Much” – “Lift Story” – “The Apotheosis of Melvin Rameka” Notes ‘n’ scratchings ‘n’ failed drafts: – “Walking story” – “Confession” – “The … Continue reading Writing Update: July/August