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Diceratops Linky

It’s my birthday this week so top of the linky is Diceratops Presents, a podcast of the live Dungeons & Dragons shows I do at BATS Theatre with very funny comedians and improvisers. Just out: our sellout show for the NZ Fringe Festival, D&D Live: When Dwarves Cry. Very very silly, lots of Prince jokes, […]


Return of the Friday Linky

For just shy of ten years, each week I’d share a collection of interesting things I’d seen in the wilds of the internet for the entertainment of my readers. (First one, November 2006:; last one, July 2016: Let’s do that again for a bit, because of one thing and another. (Lots of free […]


How to change minds

[I wrote this on Facebook three years ago, thought I should conserve it here too.] So if facts don’t change minds – if explaining the dangers of President Trump, Brexit, climate change, etc, doesn’t help – what else works? What can anyone do to pull communities back from the brink? Sadly, the answer is “not […]

Felix’s War Diary: 11 November 1918

Monday 11th It was a great civic reception “Poincare” got yesterday. it was fine weather and aeroplanes overhead dropped messages into the square. To-day just before marching out, we had the news read out to us that hostilities would cease at 11AM to-day. We left at 11AM. and marched 19 kilos to Quievy with full […]


NZ’s 8 most important vampires

Excellent! But please don’t overlook Count Robula. He’s one of NZ’s eight most important vampires (and not just because he was PM) — Sofageddon (@sofageddon) September 19, 2018 Eight most important vampires. Let’s do this. 8. Sam Pyar This is a children’s book about a kid who is probably a vampire? I have never read […]

[Fiction] Inappropriate Boss

After work we talked about Elena’s inappropriate boss. ‘She’s always adjusting her bra,’ Elena said, ‘but a new all-time today, fixing her tights beside me while I’m trying to sort the quarterlies. Skirt hiked up and she’s wiggling her backside, bloody heedless.’ Per had a haunted look. ‘I’ve seen that. Clomp, shoe on the desk. […]

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First female Doctor Who

Some tweets on the occasion of the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who #13: Doctor Who has always been about patrician intervention to break unjust systems; a dream of Empire, embodied in male social freedoms. A female Doctor is a deep break from this; so was the working class 9th Doctor. I am excited […]

Aliens: How Burke takes his coffee

Jim Cameron’s Aliens (1986) is a meticulously-assembled thrill ride, absolutely loaded with enriching details. My favourite of all of them is in the coffee scene. It’s early in the film, and Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has returned to normal life after her horrific experiences in Alien. In this scene, the smiling corporate functionary Carter Burke […]

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Twin Peaks Rewatch Schedule

How to get ready for the new series! Join the hashtag #TwinPeaksRewatch  15 Jan: Pilot 22 Jan: Eps 1 and 2 27 Jan: Eps 3 & 4 5 Feb: Eps 5 & 6 12 Feb: Ep 7 * 19 Feb: Ep 8 26 Feb: Eps 9 & 10 5 Mar: Eps 11 & 12 12 […]


For the memory banks. Minor tweet storm about Trump support and the underlying psyc principles. Starts here: (I can’t generate the embed code on the app it seems. If I can be bothered I’ll update this later with the embedded tweet.)

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