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Where The Rēkohu Bone Sings: a few thoughts

I just finished reading Tina Makereti’s novel Where The Rēkohu Bone Sings (2014, Vintage). In a short twitter conversation with the author and another reader, I mentioned an intense passage late in the book featuring some graphic and unpleasant content. (I said I wasn’t sure I could recommend the book to my mother on account […]

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Roast Busters: Two thoughts

Two small thoughts on this whole awful business, to clear my head: * Because of our cultural distaste for direct expressions of what we want and don’t want, NZ youth find it very difficult to seek or express sexual consent. In consequence, NZ youth are predisposed to see hazy consent as commonplace and normal * […]

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Make a Difference

No linky today, too much else on right now. Instead of that I’d just like to link to a short interview I did which is up at the Ruminator. The interview is with my friend Karen, who is Good People. She came up with a way to do something worthwhile and a steadily increasing bunch […]

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Phil Dick Movie Kickstarter

Also on this Friday I wanna draw your attention to the kickstarter for “Radio Free Albemuth”, a new film adaptation of a Philip K Dick story. It’s had great reviews at film fests etc, they’re fundraising to get it on cinema screens. Among the perks: every single backer gets a special edition of LEFT COAST, […]

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ANZAC DAY – Felix’s War Diary

Some excerpts from the War Diaries of my great-grandfather Felix Rooney. This is close to the start of his surviving diary – he did keep a diary of Egypt, Gallipoli and early time in France but it was destroyed in the attack that injured him and sent him to England to recover. The surviving diary […]

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Some Things To Support

Three worthy crowdfundy things, to which I draw your attention: Conquering Corsairs: Pirates of the Silver Sea! A card game designed by a couple of Kiwi lads, about pirates vying for gold and prestige and generally being piratical. Just hit its target! Well done guys. Only a few days left on this one! Send speedstacker […]


Hobbit Premiere Day

My city is going bananas today. There’s a frenzy of excitement around the premiere of the first Hobbit movie, with the red carpet TV coverage due to begin in an hour or so. There’s also a frenzy of grump as long-simmering negativity finally boils up around such issues as the cultural worth of the movie, […]

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Kiwi Trick or Treat

Halloween in New Zealand has a patchy history. Apart from it being completely the wrong time of year, our migrants pretty much shed all the old traditions for All Hallow’s Eve – Scottish guising, for example, didn’t survive over here with our Scottish migrants. Nevertheless Halloween, and trick or treating in particular, has crept upwards […]

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Chekhov’s Dissonance

Observation: Chekhov’s gun is to fiction as cognitive dissonance is to life. (The above probably needs to simmer for a while to reduce into something pithier, but I think the recipe is right.) (Emerged from an extremely lengthy ramble about a larp game I played on the weekend, which the foolhardy among you can find […]

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My buddy Aaron the Alligator is celebrating his birthday tomorrow with a brand-new sport. Serious news coverage can be found here. It will be ridiculous but we have tried to make it legitimately playable at the same time. If you’re in the Hutt, come along to Trafalgar Park at 5pm.