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Yes Even Thor Linky

Hey 15-year-old self in 1991! It’s 2011 calling. Guess what! They made a movie out of Thor! THOR! With the big dots on his chest and the big red cape and the hammer! Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. No-one here saw that one coming either! And here’s the kicker: the director is Kenneth Branagh! I KNOW! No, I’m not kidding around! Truly. Yeah, you see, all those genre things that mainstream media despises? Turns out they win. Doctor Who is back and is incredibly popular. The Lord of the Rings gets made into films, too, and you’ll never believe who –

– what’s that? Star Wars? Um… we don’t talk about Star Wars.

From the Alligator, a recap of the last five years of Spider-Man comics continuity in the form of a Calvin & Hobbes strip. (Oh, comics, keep on being you!)

Amazing image of the night sky

Fantastic post at Kiwipolitico about the Treaty of Waitangi and its relevance to contemporary NZ. Highly recommended to Kiwi readers, overseas folk might find it a bit impenetrable!

Understanding cities – did Jane Jacobs have it wrong? These books say she did.

Gender bias in children’s books (via Emma B)

The six stages of movie geek evolution – via Andrew (Bartok)

Have fruit and veg become less nutritious? (Scientific American) – via John Fouhy

Harry Potter novels retold as one-page comic strips (see also: Salon coverage of real-life Quidditch, which bemuses me because Quidditch is a terriblly designed sport. Isn’t it?)

8 creepy video game urban legends that turn out to be true

World’s biggest Pac-Man

Amazing beatbox vid:

My age-match Nathan Rabin from the AV Club describes ’94 in music, his favourite music year. Some overlap with my own preferences may be assumed.

And finally… Ridiculous pictures of Celine Dion

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