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One Star Linky

Via Pearce, this guy only gives one-star reviews on Amazon, and he writes them as poetry. And they’re awful.

Via Grant & Lorin, an expert skewering of those “cosmic” science docos:

Re: last week’s linky: maybe Jack Davis isn’t retiring after all? Reports differ. He’s 90, he’s allowed to change his mind!

I think I might have linked to this before, but anyway: download heaps of pulp magazines from the Pulp Magazine Archive

My friend Jen is doing interesting freelance indy journalism on the Guardian-supported Contributoria platform. People put up article proposals, and anyone can sign up with a free membership to indicate support for any articles they like. It’s a fascinating model for getting new voices and new stories out there in a sustainable way – well worth looking into. Do sign up and have a look around – to start with, check out Jen’s latest proposal (which has been fully backed so she’s working on it now) here: The Road to Iguala: The search for 43 students missing in Mexico

A year of Listener covers. Not pretty.

Pratchett & Gaiman’s Good Omens – BBC radio adaptation with stellar cast. Free to listen around the world for another month or so.

Amazing amazing cosplay. Look at this even if you hate cosplay, it’s wild.

John Cage’s 4’33”, autotuned

Why airlines want to make you suffer

And finally, also via Pearce: penis injuries from 2014, as recorded in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s database of emergency room visits. Take care out there everyone.

(Friday Linky’s gonna take a break for a few weeks I reckon. Holiday time!)

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