Wee Beastie 2014 Omnibus

On Facebook I share random snippets from life with our Wee Long-leggedy Beastie. Here’s the 2014 collection:
(last year: part 1, part 2)

Dec 30, 2013:

Me: Would you like some stonefruit, Wee Beastie?
WB: Yes please, I am very fruitable today.

Jan 20:

Wee Beastie, on grandparents’ bird bath: “Birds don’t like to have baths in it. I think it’s because they don’t have any toys in there to play with.”

WB knows what’s required for a good bath experience.

Jan 21:

Wee Beastie awarded a yellow lollipop for entering a colouring competition. She is extremely excited.

WB: You know what this tastes like? It tastes like the inside of the sun.

Feb 2:

Life with a Wee Beastie, middle-of-the-night wakeup edition:

Me: (wake up, stagger into WB’s room)
Me: Yes honey, I’m here?
WB: Daddy…
Me: Yes?
WB: I want you to go away.

WB instantly falls fast asleep.

Feb 12:

I knew you when you were just a caterpillar.

Feb 13:

Wee Beastie:
Daddy, there are four things!
(Holds out hand, starts count at her thumb)
One, two, three, four, five.
(Obvious double take, stares at unexpected fifth finger.)
(Comes to decision.)
The fifth one is for tomorrow.

I actually had no idea what she was counting, this was the entire conversation.

Feb 24:

Wee Beastie: I wonder when i will get a cat.
Me: Well, there’s a bit of a problem with that, because cats make me sneeze.
WB: Oh that’s okay. You might disappear for a long time. That would solve the problem.
Me: Wouldn’t you be sad if I disappeared?
WB: I don’t think so, because mummy would be there, and I would have a cat.

Feb 28:

Wee Beastie, riding in the car on the way home from running madly around the Mitre 10 play area with her friend Charley, pipes up suddenly:

WB: You know dad, we are all in a story.
Me: What?
WB: There is a story about a mummy and a daddy and a little daughter.
Me: What is the name of the daughter?
WB: It’s me!
Me: And what do they do in the story?
WB: Nothing, they just have adventures.
Me: Are you saying that we are in a story right now?
WB: Yes!
Me: Well… who’s telling the story?
WB: I don’t know! I wish I could find out.
Me: How could we find out?
WB: I think we need to jump.
Me: Jump?
WB: We’d jump really high. If we get lots of trampolines and put them on top of each other then we could jump up really high and see who is telling the story. And mummy would hear the sound of us jumping on the trampolines at her work and she would ask her friends at work “who is on those trampolines?” but it would be us!
Me: And if we jumped really high we might see…
WB: Yes. I’m sure he’s up there. I think it’s a really tall man up in the sky who is telling the story. I’m sure he is.
Me: And we’re in the story.
WB: We are a story.


This conversation was kind of amazing.

Mar 12:

Wee Beastie has turned on Monsters Inc. DVD, arranged her cuddly toy friends on the floor to watch it, sat with them with words of comfort through the scary bit, and has now left them to keep watching while she plays in the other room.

Mar 13:

Wee Beastie has taken to hollering “Stop, thief!” at me whenever she wants me to slow down. Wondering where she picked that up, I asked who else says “Stop, thief”. Answer: Mr Macgregor, shouting at Peter Rabbit.

I anticipate many happy visits to the mall with a small child shouting “Stop, thief!” at me as I progress through the shops and aisles.

Mar 19:

Wee Beastie has been listening intently while adults do wedding planning around her. She has told me that tomorrow she will have a wedding. She is marrying Randall from Monsters Inc, and the guests will be characters from her other DVDs.

Mar 20:


Mar 30:

Wee Beastie singing to herself as she plays with her cardboard Maisy house:
“Maisy’s world! Maisy’s world! Maisy’s worldy world!
Maisy’s world is so much fun, umpy dumpy durld!”

Apr 11:

Wee Beastie: Daaad come with me and play in my room
Me: But I was just about to sit down and have a cup of coffee
WB: You can do that in my room!
Me: It isn’t really the same. I can come and play with you now, but when will I be able to have my coffee? Soon?
WB: Yes, soon. You can come and play with me now and then we’ll both come in here and have drinks.
Me: How long will we play?
WB: *thinks* Four years.
Me: Four years?
WB: Yes, in four years you can come here and get your cup of coffee. Now let’s go!

May 14:

wee beastie!

May 17:

Wee Beastie has started asking for stories about the giraffe pictured on the height chart on her wall. She has named this giraffe “Pickle Dumb Harry” which is basically the best name ever for anything.

This one led to some actual fan art by the amazing Matt Cowens:

Jun 27:

Wee Beastie: “When I grow up I want to be a tooth fairy.” This is the first time she’s ever announced an ambition in life.

Jul 10:

Cal: Wee Beastie, we might go on an adventure! What do you think of that?
WB: Urrrrrn!
Cal: What was that?
WB: *squints* Gnnnnnn! Nrrrrrr!
Cal: What are you saying?

Jul 27:

Wee Beastie, looking at Auckland’s Sky Tower: “There should be a lookout on the top because a monster could break that into pieces very easily.”

Aug 15:

Wee Beastie at music today – they do an activity using objects from the natural world.

Teacher: And this is called a wish-bone.
*children all stare in wonder*
WB, confidently: It’s from a wish dinosaur.
Teacher: From a wish dinosaur you think?
WB: Yes, those are its wish antlers.

Which led to this amazing art from the marvellous Lorin O’Reilly:

Aug 18:

Wee Beastie was a bit troubled when some other kids pretended to be chased by an imaginary monster.

WB: If only Randall was there to tell them the monster isn’t real!

Randall is an imaginary monster, so I guess he’d be well qualified for that job.

Aug 29:

Wee Beastie eagerly playing “accountants” with her Lego. She says she heard about them on Play School. They go to schools and do lots of counting.

Sep 22:

Cal shows Wee Beastie a parody version of “Let It Go”. She is perplexed by the different lyrics.

WB: I think he is still learning all the words.
*listens a bit longer*
WB: He’s really not very good at learning, is he?

Oct 12:

Wee Beastie used to hate the noise of the lawnmower outside (and similar big noises) – not afraid exactly, but like it physically pained her. So we bought earmuffs. Which, of course, she absolutely refused to wear.

Now, two years later and no longer bothered by noise, she has discovered them and taken to wearing them around the house. She calls them her “eargloves”.

Yes the whole point of this story is “eargloves”.

Oct 12:

Wee Beastie is babysitting her cousin. Time for a musical interlude.
[can’t embed the video, watch it here, 11 seconds]

Oct 17:

Me: I love you to the moon and back!
Wee Beastie: I love you to the sun and back! Daddy, how do you get to the sun?
Me: You have to fly in a rocketship for a really long time.
WB: But by the time you get there, won’t it be nighttime?

I told her that was a great question and we’d talk about it tomorrow, because GO TO BED CHILD. But it is a great question!

Oct 31:

This morning’s fashion advice from the Wee Beastie:

WB: What outfit are you going to wear today? You should wear the red stripey top with your jeans, I’ve never seen that outfit before. Well I have seen it one time and it was so smooky.
Me: It was smooky?
WB: It was so smooky I just laughed.

Nov 29:

Wee Beastie: “Wearing two skirts at once makes me dance beautifuller!”

Dec 7:

Wee Beastie rocks the stage at Christmas in the Hutt!

Dec 18:

Wee Beastie is visiting her cousin’s music session. On being told some of the songs are in the Māori language:
WB: I speak Spanish, and Dog.

Dec 20:

Wee Beastie is four today!

Dec 21:

Wee Beastie asked if there would be a second Frozen movie. I asked her what the story would be if she made it, and she instantly began outlining. It goes like this:

* It’s Christmas but there is no snow!
* The people ask Elsa to use her magic powers to make it snow for Christmas.
* She agrees and uses her powers but then the magic turns everything to ice! (Again.)
* Elsa goes and builds an ice house on a pointy mountain! (Again.)
* Anna wasn’t there to help her sister because she had “done a marry” with Kristoff
* But then she comes back to help!
* Elsa locks the doors with ice so Anna can’t get in.
* Anna unlocks the doors with her keys.
* The snow monster throws Elsa outside!
* But Anna throws a big rock on the snow monster which smushes him into pieces.
* Elsa is saved!
* And then the winter stops because it isn’t Christmas any more.

WB also says that this time, it’s _Elsa_ who sings “First time in forever” and _Anna_ who sings “Let it go”.

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  1. If only she could have been around during the endless debates on what does/does not count as a story/indie game! She’d have set us all straight in no time. “We are a story”: end of debate.

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