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Infrequent linky

So regular linky readers will have noticed my frequency of posting has decreased. I’ve decided not to fight this tendency, so for the time being linky will be coming only on an occasional basis. Several reasons: Declining readership: I threw in some basic stat counters when I did my Buffy series, and readership here is […]

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Dangerous Linky

Dangerous Treasures: A story of Lovecraftian horror, frantic action, and deepweb forum culture, by the lovely folks at Strange Company. (9 minute short film.) My friend Kitty is featured in Woman builds herself new career… with Lego via d3vo, the many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep Via Alastair, four games that tell great stories, and […]

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Team Ball Player Thing Linky

New Zealand is a very strange country. This will be all over NZ by the time this blog goes live, so I’m including it for international friends – it’s a charity song linking to the Rugby World Cup, featuring All Blacks on unicorns and dressed as wizards and running away from giant ants, and there’s […]

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Redpill Linky

Beginners guide to the “red pill” movement, a.k.a. the hive of theatrically oppressed men who are causing so much crap right now. Wash that nonsense out of your brain with this: 17yo Megan Follows’ audition for Anne of Green Gables. Just perfect. (via Marguerite) Jen’s report on the search for 43 lost students and her […]

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