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Dangerous Treasures: A story of Lovecraftian horror, frantic action, and deepweb forum culture, by the lovely folks at Strange Company. (9 minute short film.)

My friend Kitty is featured in Woman builds herself new career… with Lego

via d3vo, the many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep

Via Alastair, four games that tell great stories, and how they do it

And the Humble Bundle right now has Telltale Games’ back catalogue, including the astonishing Walking Dead Season One as just part of their $1 set!!

And finally, Billy calls this a “really remarkable Wikipedia entry” and I have to agree. Every paragraph in the early going has a wild new idea in it. Then it gets even more densely packed with ingenuity. Read it! Jonathon Keats

5 thoughts on “Dangerous Linky”

  1. That article on Jonathon Keats really cements my conviction that I’m very old-fashioned. Most of the projects made me think of young men at university talking rubbish about ideas they were just coming into contact with. I suspect I should add closed-minded and judgmental alongside old-fashioned.

  2. Segmented sleep sounds *awful* to me but I do find it fascinating. Thanks for the counterlink Maire!

    Jamie – haha, I think that is a perfectly fair characterisation!

  3. I often wake up in the middle of the night. Usually I read (or get something to eat or write a bit). It never occurred to me that it might be a problem until I saw these articles about first and second sleeps and scientists saying, “Hey, don’t worry, you’re not an insomniac.” (It never occurred to me that I was, is what I mean.)

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