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Diceratops Linky

It’s my birthday this week so top of the linky is Diceratops Presents, a podcast of the live Dungeons & Dragons shows I do at BATS Theatre with very funny comedians and improvisers. Just out: our sellout show for the NZ Fringe Festival, D&D Live: When Dwarves Cry. Very very silly, lots of Prince jokes, […]

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Return of the Friday Linky

For just shy of ten years, each week I’d share a collection of interesting things I’d seen in the wilds of the internet for the entertainment of my readers. (First one, November 2006:; last one, July 2016: Let’s do that again for a bit, because of one thing and another. (Lots of free […]

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Rapper’s De-Linky

Lots going on but I’ll quickly share some linky goodness: Via Pearce – an excellent ten-minute breakdown on how rappers execute rhyme and wordplay. Great for anyone interested in words and rhythm – poets & English teachers will like this! And related: Hamilton and the glory of language “America’s economic illness has a name: financialization. […]

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Stone Junk Linky

Why are the penises on ancient statues so small? Via Aaron, credits to Empire Strikes Back in the style of a James Bond movie. Star Wars – Episode V "The Empire Strikes Back" Homage (Title Sequence) from KROFL on Vimeo. Can someone explain to me how the heck this is possible? Elaborate 3D animations the […]

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Teen Linky

via Evie: Stop telling me our relationship with our teens should suck. Our culture really loves to talk about how awful teens are. This is a necessary corrective. Nonverbal autistic woman Carly Fleischmann launches her talk show interviewing a very game, and very lovely, Channing Tatum. You’ve watched that Radiohead music vid that does a […]

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Plastic Linky

I loved this edition of Manfeels Park. Hee hee! (Remember that all the dialogue is drawn from real exchanges online, with source link below the comic!) Via Gareth: the voices of Pinky & the Brain read… Pulp Fiction. (Just one scene!) (and via Cyrus, a highly entertaining script reading of The Matrix) Great personal story: […]

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Dangerous Linky

Dangerous Treasures: A story of Lovecraftian horror, frantic action, and deepweb forum culture, by the lovely folks at Strange Company. (9 minute short film.) My friend Kitty is featured in Woman builds herself new career… with Lego via d3vo, the many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep Via Alastair, four games that tell great stories, and […]

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Book Thief Linky

Via many people, this fascinating story of some writers who discovered their novels had been copied is a cracking tale in its own right – I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more often to be honest. A nice little article on the threat posed by oversensitive political correctness in higher education: there isn’t one. (via Hamish […]

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Mind Trick Linky

Mark Hamill does some smooth Jedi moves on over-eager Star Wars fans: My friend Vivian has released her new EP, “In Between Times”. Listen on Bandcamp, and drop a few bucks if you like what you hear. New Yorker thinkpiece about how we no longer use facts to justify our beliefs, which, okay, but I’m […]

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Bestselling Linky

What does it take to be a bestselling author? Three dollars and five minutes. Yes I’m a sucker for this story: an ode to promposals. Teens making a big deal of asking someone out to prom, partly trying to go viral, partly just for the joy of feels. (Yes of course this is a rose-tinted […]

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