Wednesday Linky

Things from the net that have diverted me of late:
An epic, troubling memoir from a woman who worked in the comics field for the last decade – comics geeks will know exactly which company she’s talking about, but you don’t need to be a comic geek to relate to her nasty experiences. Start here.
Some rules for writing. It begins:

If you use adjectives in your prose, do not use nouns. If you use nouns, you must not use verbs. If you use verbs, try to avoid verbs that specify a particular city.

An article from author China Mieville about government lies that aren’t even meant to deceive us.
Hilarious, mind-breaking seven-minute clip show splicing together the final lines from every CSI Miami precredits sequence. David Caruso’s delivery becomes something hilarious, and then something magical. This is perilously close to art.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Linky”

  1. I’d heard about the Caruso thing from a few sources, but watching it was something else.
    I’m glad I’ve never watched that show.

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