My God, Its Full Of Twits

“I don’t get Twitter” is becoming the “I don’t watch television” of the interweb age; but Damien Christie shared a grim realization that if one doesn’t secure one’s preferred username now, one will be forced in future to take a grotesque approximation with underscores and numbers all through it. This prospect terrified me; I signed up immediately.
So now I’m on Twitter. I don’t need another online social channel, to be quite honest – I’m on Hoffspace for crying out loud, and that is sufficient for almost all my needs – but now that I’m on there, I have to admit I’m fascinated by the 140-character limit. That, my friends, is a hook.
No Dollhouse post this week, or probably for the rest of the season unless I get particularly enthused. Ep 7 was cool fun; watch this show. (35 characters…. sayyyyy…)

15 thoughts on “My God, Its Full Of Twits”

  1. Derek: that’s exactly why I had to get in fast. I was already down to one underscore. If I waited another month, another week, nay another hour, the underscores required would increase rapidly, breeding urgently and spreading out to underscore everything, until finally they choke out everything else, a username consisting of underscores and nothing else, a wasteland of deprivation, perfectly flat, AND DEAD FOR ALL TIME, CARCOSA, CARCOSA, IA IA FTAGHN

  2. I refuse it. I will wait until the next gen of cool web things happens, and then I will join it. Does that make me old and un-hip?
    Or cutting edge?

  3. Because I respect you Morgue, and Damien once sold me a My Bloody Valentine CD at Chelsea Records in Upper Hutt, I’ve decided to register the twitter address for buzzandhum. It is now mine!
    I’ll probably use it as much as facebook. Which is, um, never.

  4. Well, I did it, just for you. Now people will know when I am going to the toilet.

  5. Twitter, like haiku
    is often misunderstood
    and poorly written
    I set up an account a few months ago as part of work project, and I check it every month or so to see if it’s grown on me yet. It hasn’t.

  6. Arse. Wyldcard (my LJ id) had already gone, so I am now on Twitter as Jon_Ball. Yes, JonBall and JBall had already gone.

  7. The only thing I ever wondered about twitter was whether there was a 140 character limit on your username. That thought amused me for 30 whole seconds.

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