An Unfitted World

“This world isn’t made for the likes of you,” said the Doctor, shaking his head.
Subtext: this is occurrence #1. It will happen again.
Bugger. I’m at home, resting, and feeling tight all up my spine and neck. I don’t even know what to call it – is this what people mean when they say backache? Muscle strain, the Doctor thought, which is exactly what I thought, and it’ll come right by itself with a bit of rest.
“This world isn’t made for the likes of you.” Too right. It isn’t easy being 6’4″ and keeping the body right. The very worst example, the most infuriating, is molded seatbacks for long-distance travel. Aaargh! What moron thought these were a good idea? They may give more comfort to 85% of the population but the tall folk like me are tortured by these things, which jut into the shoulders and provide no neck support and fall away from the lower back. You end up sitting with your whole spine curved the wrong way, cursing the selfish little ape who first crayoned this idea on his phlegm-spattered design pad. Cure you, ape, curse you.
In other news, the new series of Doctor Who has started filming, and it fills me with joy. Hurrah!

4 thoughts on “An Unfitted World”

  1. I think 85% is a generous estimate for people who find molded seats comfortable. All the movie theatres have them now. My sister, who’s average height, actively avoids Reading because of their seats. Me, I can’t stand the fancy new armchair style ones at the Embassy (although the superduper expensive leather ones are nice).
    The world is apparently full of fruitloop designers who still believe their size fits all.

  2. Aside from the good Doctor, take heart in the fact that being 6’4″ allows you to add that very special ingredient to the statement ‘…, dark and handsome!’
    You are right about the industrial design apes. Interestingly there is a Burger King ad campaign in NZ at the moment wherein it’s implied apes discoverd their flame-grilled tase and are experimenting on the population with it. I’m sure there is a connection here.

  3. Have you read about Natasha, the macaque monkey at a safari zoo in Israel? She has started walking exclusively on her hind legs. Doctors suspect brain-damage — apparently she was quite ill for a while. Large black monoliths have not been spotted in the area.

  4. Hi Morgue,
    I am going to show the dancer in me. Here is a trick that I use with my back.
    Stand against a wall with your legs shoulder width apart, bend over and hang from the waist for about a minute (thats one of the important things), let your arms drop if it helps. Standing against the wall adds support.
    The thing to make sure that you do is release the neck so you don’t add further strain (this is the other important thing)and let your head drop – gravity will do the rest. When you stand back up straight, don’t rush it – great for putting your back, back into place especially after moulded chairs.
    If it helps I am 5’6″ and have issues with the chairs also.

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