Ride Forward Into Linky!

Samurai vs. fired air gun pellet. Holy cow.

Crazy new tech from German engineering visionaries Festo: robot flying penguins?
The Tone Matrix – construct your own music out of a grid of sound.
Chewbacca befriends a chipmunk. This photograph series gets weirder the more I think about it actually. See also: Baroque Star Wars.
Haaretz, Israel’s smartest newspaper, on June 10 switched out all its reporters for poets and novelists. Brilliant.
Debz reflects on fun, and what that meant at different stages of her life, and what it means now that she’s a busy mum. A great read.
And finally… Macs finally demonstrate their superiority to PCs

3 thoughts on “Ride Forward Into Linky!”

  1. My work Mac does that all the time, it’s really annoying.
    “Have you entered those figures into the database yet?”
    “Can’t, computer warped to Alpha Centauri. Again.”

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