Off To Paris!

Tomorrow morning, in fact.
Very excited. I have never been. Should be fascinating.
Sorry for the low rate of blogging the past few weeks. It coincides with a high rate of writing Ron the Body, so that’s for the good.
All-time best quote from an NZ movie:
“I’m a New Zealand zoo official, and this monkey’s going to Newtown!”

3 thoughts on “Off To Paris!”

  1. Does the fact that it’s uttered by someone who is better known as a magazine editor, political pundit and — latterly — the head of TVNZ’s new division make it an even better line? Imagine if Ted Turner or Jeremy Paxman had been in [Dawn|Shaun] of the Dead!

  2. My favourite things in Paris were the fromages, the pain(-:, the Musee D’Orsay and the catacombs and staying with Severine… you probably can’t do the last but I’d recommend the rest! Have fun!

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