Writing Update: November

Oh, heck, still haven’t done one of these. So, yes, I’ve hit my target of twelve complete short stories, one for each month, that are going to be submittable somewhere. Some of them are even in a submittable kinda state. For the rest, I’ve got three weeks to knock some sense into them.
So one last time, that title list, some titles will change:
– “The Tape”
– “Buckets”
– “Babel”
– “The Twelve Times I Drank Too Much”
– “Lift Story”
– “The Apotheosis of Melvin Rameka”
– “Inappropriate Boss”
– “The Intervention Upstairs”
– “The Confession”
– “Box Takes A Honeymoon”
– “Perfectly Right”
– “Walking story”
In the last update I mentioned spending “half an hour today chewing over one line of dialogue” for the show. I spent another hour or so on it a week later, then in rehearsal someone called me on it. “Self-indulgent”. They were right. I cut the line, and it plays heaps better. So there’s a lesson.
For the first time in five years I’ve pulled the fantasy novel off the shelf and I’m ticking about with it, perhaps with an eye on this.
Actually, my main writing mission right now is getting my Kapcon game ready…
Right, final stretch. Wish me luck and fortitude.
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