Hands off our dial!

Just back from a protest outside Parliament to protect Radio NZ, our public broadcaster. I figure about 150-200 people there, which isn’t bad for a protest pulled out of nothing on Facebook by a guy in Hamilton.
Here’s the Facebook group, with nearly 15K members as I type.
Here’s the campaign page, Hands off our dial, just launched this morning with snazzy petition to sign.
If you’re a Kiwi I reckon you should give this some support. Russel Norman said it best at the protest today – what we’re really trying to protect is our democracy, because a functional and fair democracy is only possible with a strong public-owned media.
Get involved.

3 thoughts on “Hands off our dial!”

  1. I’m a little reluctant to give them my snail-mail address, and I don’t really want to end up on a mailing list hitting me up for, say, Labour Party fundraising. Setting up a filter is much harder for a letterbox; requiring a postal address makes me much more leery of the whole thing.
    Not that I’m likely to join the slightly sad “Don’t Save Radio New Zealand” facebook page, either. (57 strong at the time of writing! Feel their free-market rage!)

  2. Svend: agreed on the caution. I’d thought that this was because proper-for-real petitions to govt. require address information, but this isn’t trying to be one of those. I dunno.

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