Why am I here?

The illustrious David R, proprietor of additiverich.com for most of the last decade, is pulling down the blinds. I have migrated over here to isprettyawesome.com, which is run by Svend – who is, happily, another member of the additiverich.com posse.

So I gotta thank Svend for generously welcoming me to his isprettyawesome crew.

And I really gotta thank David for all those years of hosting. Providing a platform for us additiverichers isn’t trivial. There’s updates to install, system conflicts to resolve, the endless march of the spammers to halt, and many more troublesome duties. Not to mention the costs of hosting and hardware and so on. All of this was provided with much generosity and good humour.

When David was first talking about setting up additiverich, back before most people had ever heard of blogs, we discussed a special feature of the site on which we’d collaborate. It never came to pass, like a number of projects we’ve talked about, and it’s a shame. So I want to deliver at least a small part of that project as a thank you to David.

So tomorrow, you’ll be introduced to… the Pantheon of Plastic.

Thanks, additiverich!

3 thoughts on “Why am I here?”

  1. Yeah, I ported the “livejournalists” as a straight link, I’m still making some decisions about what to do there… If I break it out into single links then that adds about 45 people to the blogroll.

    I’m yet to make the call. Sidebar is a work in progress.

  2. Yeah, I can see your dilemma. However it always struck me as odd that those who used other services got their own personal link to their blog, yet those who used LJ got a communal one. Made me feel like a second class citizen!

    Also it was a bit less personal – your links had peoples names, so if someone wanted to find Morgue’s friend Pearce’s blog, they could click on Pearce (without knowing his blog’s name). Someone clicks on your LJ friends link, they see a bunch of user names that might mean nothing to them.

    I leave it with you.

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