Lost – up to s3

As previously blogged, I’ve been watching Lost. I mostly watch it in a little window in the corner of my computer screen while I do other stuff. I’ve just finished season 3, which was the half-way point for the series.

I’m enjoying it, most definitely. It ain’t as slow as it used to be, and it’s helped having people tell me when the dumb bits of the series are gonna hit.

It meant I finally got to read and appreciate John Rogers’ You Uncurious Motherflickers piece about season 1 Lost. Yeah man.

It meant also that I feel the pain of missing what was surely one of the greatest bouts of hilarious show-mocking evar on the internets, the “Waaaaaalt!” meme. Like this.

Here’s an example of everything that is both amazing and terrible about Lost. There’s a character who says “brother” a lot. In season 3 they reveal that he used to be a monk. That’s such a refined and pure kind of dumb that you’ve got to love it.

And yes, none of it really makes any sense, and all the characters are either incapable of investigative strategy (ref. “uncurious”, above) or incapable of telling the truth, and show likes to just throw in big moments of WTF now and then just because (foot statue I’m looking at you). But the thing that frustrates me is that none of the antagonist characters act like human beings. They are completely impossible to believe in. And after devoting s3 to revealing much about the antagonist community and way of life, they continue to be utterly implausible.

But, but, but. I’ll let that slide, because there’s lots to like. Show’s energetic devotion to mystery is engaging and it really does seem to be going somewhere. So Imma let you finish, show. But Twin Peaks was the greatest inexplicable weird-ass drama of all time.

(Thanks to Jon B for loaning me Lost DVDs, too!)

3 thoughts on “Lost – up to s3”

  1. I was going to suggest doing a Kanye at the Ultimate end of season awards next week (if we won anything). Not sure if people would have got it…

  2. Imma gonna let you finish, but I just wanted to say that Cows Go Moo is THE GREATEST ULTIMATE TEAM OF ALL TIME! Chur.

  3. You will hate yourself in the end for so much time devoted to a too-complex show. I am SO up to date, and yet, I want to just finish this dang thing.

    But Kate is hot. So…

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