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So that Wikileaks post yesterday was picked up by Reddit and traffic on this blog went into the stratosphere yesterday. On Weds I had 283 unique visitors, pretty typical; on Thursday that number jumped to 92,487. Whoa. What’s especially odd is that the post in question contained nothing at all new – it just copied and pasted some tweets from the Wikileaks twitter feed. Purely a right place/right time kinda deal.

Anyway. It’s Friday so time for some linky.

A look at all the lies and front groups that are confusing the  public on climate change just like they did for tobacco health risks.

Here’s a great alternative to Wikipedia: Wookieepedia. Surprisingly extensive.

The Guardian takes note of the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks.

This one has been everywhere this week, and it is far weirder than I expected: Alien vs Pooh. Also related to the incompatibility of the Alien films with childhood, this from io9:  Old Alien toy ads will ruin your childhood all over again. Check out the Predator who attacks with his dreadlocks!

Trace Hodgson’s legendary 80s political/social satire Shafts of Strife. I can remember being astonished that this weird comic strip was running in the staid old Listener! (via Stephen Judd; Shafts of Strife presented online by the lovely Roger Langridge, whose Muppets comics still aren’t available in NZ.)

Scott Pilgrim trailer!

Watch some B-movies on AMC’s site. Streamed without region-lock; I am afraid of how much of my time this could eat. Worth a look just to see the titles of all the movies.

Minuit’s Aotearoa, a great track with lots of images from NZ’s past, has become something of an expat classic. It was mentioned in the DomPost yesterday which reminded me I had it sitting in my Linky folder. Lovely, but beware if you are a NewZillinderAbroad, it may give you a case of the homesicks.

Also NZ-specific is this great post from Reading the Maps last September, looking at whether we NZers are right to feel so distant from the appalling acts of genocide that have occurred elsewhere in the world. Shoulda linky to this ages back but still a great read.

40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes

While my keytar gently weeps

When the New Zealander comes“, some post-apocalyptic fiction from 1911, complete with illustrations. (Published in the Strand magazine, what published the Sherlock Holmes stories.)

And finally… the Muppet Wicker Man

9 thoughts on “High Traffic Linky”

  1. Michael Cera can go against type and play a nerdy young man. What a revelation!

  2. Whatchoo talkin about Willis? Scott Pilgrim filgrim is gonna be awesome!

    And yes, Michael Cera does not have Range. But so what? NEITHER DOES ORLANDO BLOOM AND LOOK WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHISHED

  3. Pearce: that’s what I hear. The library doesn’t have a copy of it though.

  4. Jeeze, did Minuit jump the f*^king shark, or what? Nice start to the video, sombre clips to sombre music. Then, bang, it looked like nothing more or less than facebook friends photos at a million miles an hour.

    Trust me, no matter how fast, skipping though someones facebook gallery of pics from parties you didn’t go to with people you don’t know if boring. F&^king boring.

    Awful awful stuff. If minuit didn’t annoy me as much as they already did that video would cememnt it. Crap. Crap without content. New Zealand? Not my f*&king New Zealand.

  5. I had the ATAX toy! Wow, I’d completely forgotten about that. It was awesome. He was a marine who could disguise himself as an alien, and then fire the disguise’s face as a missile if busted!


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