Tooth Linky

Yesterday, went to dentist for first checkup in 3 years. He said “all good”. A dentist saying “all good” is one of life’s nicest, most reassuring things.

This one goes up the top because it’s amazing. It’s about the colour palette in blockbuster movies. Teal and orange: Hollywood please stop the madness! Lots of great photos to illustrate the point.

See also: the orange/blue contrast in movie posters

Write your own Kung-Fu movie

Cookie Monster and Om Nom Nom. This has been in my linky file for months. It is cool.

See also the Muppet Studio’s Easter special: a rendition of Stand By Me, by Carl

Ian Fleming interviewed Raymond Chandler – BBC archive material on YouTube [edited to add: this interview as one mp3 for download – thanks Matt!]

Fear and Loathing in Farmville – a discussion of how social games on Facebook are claiming the game-o-sphere

If there were websites in 1984, the Crazy Horses would have had this one

Master of Business Card Throwing

Shot-for-shot remake of Goofy movie intro (yes, the Goofy movie – I don’t get it either but)

Ruben Bolling is amused by Obama’s signature

History myths you probably think are true

And finally, invading shapeshifting reptiles are behind James Cameron’s Avatar.
And finally, Satan is behind James Cameron’s Avatar.

8 thoughts on “Tooth Linky”

  1. Re: Cookie Monster interview – it helps that Ella Morton (the host) is hotness personified…

    My wife didn’t hear me say that 😛

  2. Man, that thing about colour grading is spooky.

    I reckon it’d be cooler if the complementary colours they went with were yellow and purple. 😀

  3. “MASTER
    Arise furiously, young platypus, and brush the indignity off of your gumboot.
    Student does so.
    You fought blindly, platypus. A experienced bluestocking could’ve beaten you.”…

    “The body is obnoxious when it understands its weakness. The body is gorgeous when it understands its strength. The gnu and the allosaur march together within every man. So to call one man obnoxious and another gorgeous merely serves to indicate the possibilities of their achieving the opposite.”

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