Transmissions from a broken system

The DomPost yesterday:

Front page, the entirety of the above-the-fold:

Serepisos sells spare Ferrari. Guy owes the council money while on telly as the Donald on The Apprentice NZ. Is he selling the Ferrari for money to pay the council? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!

Bottom of page 2, entire story smaller than the photo of Terry’s spare Ferrari: Thousands march against mining about “one of the biggest protests in Auckland for decades”. A genuine grass-roots popular protest that appears to cross party lines and is the first sign of unrest at a decision by the current government.

It is to weep.

8 thoughts on “Transmissions from a broken system”

  1. I remember wondering, at the one year mark, how it was that Obama was plummetting in the polls, while Key was still riding a wave of popularity; even though I had barely been paying attention to news, it seemed a particularly twisted outcome based on what they had respectively done. Some days I forget that I don’t get any of my information about the world from traditional sources… and how powerful the traditional sources are at directing attention and determining what is “important”.

  2. Hang on, is Serepisos mining our national parks on live television? Awesome!

  3. But Morgue, it’s all about responsibility. The Dom Post has a huge responsibility. It’s very important.

    After all, how would Fairfax shareholders react if stupid people stopped buying the paper?

  4. I saw it in the tearoom this morning and commented that I couldn’t believe that they’d devoted half the front page to some dude selling a car when OVER 10000 people cared enough about something to march… so my colleague thought this meant I was interested in Ferrari-dude and proceeded to tell me about every other article she found about him?!

    So presumably the hope is that people will get demoralised because the issue doesn’t make the news… and go back to obsessing about celebrities? It’s seems to be what happens to protest in this country!

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