Her confusion explained

Minister for Social Development, Paula Bennett, is confused about which Peter Saunders she appointed as an advisor to the Welfare Working Group (WWG), the Green Party revealed today.

“The tale of Paula, Peter and Peter is a perplexing predicament for the Minister. There are two Peter Saunders who work on welfare issues and it seems Ms Bennett is unsure of which one she appointed” said Catherine Delahunty Green Party Work and Income Spokesperson.

Ms Bennett told the house last Thursday that the WWG advisor wrote a book called Welfare to Work in Practice.

However, this book was not written by the Peter Saunders Ms Bennett appointed…
Greens media release

The original Professor Peter Saunders is director of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales where he has been for more than 20 years.

The new Peter Saunders is also a professor, fomerly of the University of Sussex, who last year was appointed director of social policy research programs at the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS), a Sydney-based think tank.

Same name, similar titles, but diametrically opposed views.
Sydney Morning Herald

Any of us could have made the same mistake.

(The image = ten minutes well spent, I feel.)

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  1. I’m sure when she works it out she’ll be very relieved she appointed the Vulcan and not the Romulan!

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