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First up, a notice – many local readers will recall the spectacular Rumpus parties of previous years. d3vo is not hosting one in 2010 (and we missed 2009 too) because he’s getting his DJ on at a gig called Speed of Sound. Friday June 4th, free entry, scratch that rumpus itch!

Now, some linky.

Bus driver gets a birthday surprise. (First seen via Hamish R, rapidly propagating across the internets because it’s lovely.)

Real-life Iron Man suit. And real life Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. In my day we just built Airfix models.

How recipes should look

25 photorealistic drawings made with a BIC ballpoint pen (warning: a few drawn boobs, still probably safe for work) (via Adrian Parker)

Furry Like Me: investigative journo takes on furry subculture

I Judged A Book By Its Cover (via Suraya)

Schoolkid-built robots perform to “Robo Boogie” by Flight of the Conchords (via Simon Carryer)

Experience 1970 through a JC Penney catalogue *shudder* (via bartok)

America’s ten most corrupt capitalists

And finally… U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan remake the video to Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’. Joyous. See it to believe it.

10 thoughts on “Rumpus Linky”

  1. “In my day”? Pah, some of us still build airfix kits! The hobby is in something of a golden age at the moment, with more diversity and subjects available than at any time in its history.

  2. You know, despite my time in NZ, I never made it to a Rumpus. Damn.

    But those kids are outstanding. And those guys in Afghanistan should get a medal of some kind. A big, sparkly medal.


  3. Samm: You finished the Hustler, yes?


    Hanging fighter planes from his ceiling (metaphorically).

  4. Hmmm, I need to track down that forum thread where Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) called the guy who made the Iron Man a suit an asshole. It was fun (and totally deserved).

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