Swingers Linky

Widget that takes any song and makes it Swing, by lengthening the first beat and shortening the second. With examples: Sweet Child of Mine, Cream, Money for Nothing. Ah heck, I’ll embed the last one:
Money for Nothing (swing version) by TeeJay

Via the Alligator, the Bad Translator machine

Another machine to suck your time/amuse your workmates: Six Degrees of Black Sabbath. Jean Grae to Julee Cruise in 7 steps! (via Public Address, who got from Ol’ Dirty B’ard to NZ Christian singer Brooke Fraser in 14 steps)

And you’ll shortly be hearing about how Sex and the City 2 is actually about oppression of women in the Muslim world. Gobsmacking misjudgement of what people want out of SatC2, or gobsmacking misjudgement of what people behind SatC2 can convincingly deliver? You decide! But make sure you don’t miss Seattle’s The Stranger dishing out the scorn. Contains spoilers.

Someone cares about this an awful lot. Traumatic childhood experience? It is easy to imagine such a thing. Tights are not pants.

My buddy Julian is getting married to the lovely Sabine (they’re getting married in Lebanon and I’m gutted I can’t go – how many times in my life will I get invited to a wedding in Lebanon? Not many!) Sabine’s brother Georges is a singer-songwriter in Montreal, and has just released an EP on Canadia’s Ambrosia label: Dark Rooms Have No Corners. It’s pretty cool. Here’s the first track, Feather:

Via Jack, News In Briefs, which collects the best bits of The Sun‘s Page 3 girls – their opinions on current events.

Via Ryan Paddy, the Museum of Bad Art, which is an actual museum. It has its own acronym: MOBA.

And finally, via Dangerous Minds which is where I get most of my linky these days to be honest, the Bay City Rollers and Ann Margaret perform in front of the most amazing audience you could ever want. Warning: includes knitting.

3 thoughts on “Swingers Linky”

  1. I used to play with translate tools all the time like that.

    This time I put in the ever-popular NiN lyric “I want to fuck you like an animal,” and after 54 translations got “Boring animals on the internet.”

  2. I wish I could have that audience at my next gig. Before I hit google to establish how wrong I am I wish to state that I believe Ann Margaret was Chevy Chase’s wife in the Vacation movies. I know I haven’t got that sorted out.

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