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Everyone was either too polite or too stunned to comment on the fact that I went to see Titanic twice on the big screen. Or perhaps you assumed I was coerced or sedated at the time. No. You’re all very kind though. Yes, I did have high levels of post-Aliens residual loyalty to Jim Cameron, but the truth was, I liked it enough to go see it a second time by myself. Because that’s just how I rolled back in ’97-’98.

Business in the age of LOLcats: the New York Times explores the business behind I Can Has Cheezburger. Fascinating.

You’ve already seen Matt Smith joining Orbital to close Glastonbury with their Doctor Who theme mix, right? EDIT: this version is still live

Now, check out Orbital doing the theme at Glasto 2004. And this remix which says its from one of the Orbital DVDs. There are others.

But if you’re talking electronic music and Doctor Who, it’s time to find out about Delia Derbyshire. Start here:

Now this:

That should have you curious enough to seek out more yourself. She’s worth it.

What’s Up Doc – live

Via mundens, a pin-up calendar with a difference

A great Philadelphia article from ’08 about the perfidy of the MBA and how it’s ruining business. MBAs appear to be the world’s only tautological qualification: you qualify for an MBA by qualifying for an MBA, and holding an MBA is a demonstration of the fact that you hold an MBA.

The Sci-Fi air show

Via Pearce: Bruce Campbell’s Soup

Hey, y’all reading Achewood, right? Online comic strip that I’ve called the most important comic strip since Peanuts? The story right now – oh man. It is blowing my mind you guys. If you haven’t read it for a while, the storyline that’s destroying me starts here. (Warning: not for the uninitiated – you’ll probably find it incomprehensible if you don’t know the characters.)

And finally… Country Hip-Hop dancing

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  2. The clip was removed due to feeling violated.


    And no one could say “wobbulator” like Delia.

  3. Gator: this is your new dancing style. Bring it out in a karaoke mash-up of “I like it I love it” and “911 is a joke”

    Andrew: I have a crush on Delia’s voice.

    Simon: so very, very true

  4. Meh, I saw Titanic at least four times on the big screen, including once at the Embassy

  5. I like how morgue appears to be high-fiving samm for a comment he would make six minutes later.

    I haven’t read Achewood for months simply because I prefer reading it in large batches to having it drip-fed a strip at a time. So it is definitely time for me to go on a binge.

  6. Heather lured me over to the UK in 1998 with the promise that I’d be able to see my favourite bands live. Sure enough, in February 1999, Orbital played the Cambridge Corn Exchange, and we went.

    It was an awesome gig. You’ve all been to awesome gigs: it was awesome in that way. They played songs I knew and loved; they played songs I’d never heard; they played songs I loved in ways I’d never heard. And then it ended. And they left the stage.

    Obviously, we all kept screaming, shouting, going “woo”, etc. And so they came back on stage for the encore. Strange beats started to throb out over the crowd. Eh? Not one we’d heard before. Then a second beat came in… hang on this is ringing a bell, I’m sure I remember this from somewhere…. then the “woo woo” bit started, 2000 people simultaneously realised it was the Dr Who theme, and we all went mental in the space of half a second. One of the best live music moments I’ve ever had.

    Turns out they’d been closing their gigs with it for a while. After a few years, it ended up on one of their albums, simply because it was such a fan favourite. Nice to see that it’s still got legs, and can still take the roof off, innit?

  7. I think I saw Titanic a couple of times at the movies. I quite like it as a movie and struggle to see where all the hate comes from. Shrug.

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