Frank Sidebottom RIP

I didn’t know what the hell to make of this when I was a kid reading Oink! comic. One of those inexplicable British things that, as a Kiwi kid, you encountered from time to time in the UK’s pop-culture output.

Frank Sidebottom was the creation of Chris Sievey, and it was somewhere between comic genius and outsider art. Sievey died last week, only 54 years old.

Frank Sidebottom was punk. He was, he really was.

Lew Stringer discusses Sievey’s Oink! work.

Google also turned up this lovely story.

5 thoughts on “Frank Sidebottom RIP”

  1. Oink was just Viz for kids.

    As I’m sure Morgue knows, Frank Sidebottom was not created for Oink – he just appeared in it.

  2. Oink! Flew by my radar outside of advertisements in 2000AD by which time I was probably a bit old for it at teen. On the other hand, a tender-aged (months between his birthday and mine. Mere months) Charlie Brooker was at the same time scripting for them. Yikes!

    Frank also passed me by, but I’ve been reading a lot of eulogies for him and his creator recently and that face… that face. Somehow familiar. I must have seen him in another ad, or perhaps the NME?

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