Sort of Busy Linky

The sort of busy where netball is delayed by 90 minutes and I think “awesome, I can stay in the office another 90 minutes!”

A Brazilian city that ended hunger
. (Not sure where I got this from – Vivian from Chicago, maybe?)

Album cover, lyrics to “Nobody loves the Hulk” at a fun Vintage Comics blog. See also: Bangladeshi Hulk parody/appropriation.

All Tarkovsky’s films are available to watch free online.

Half-hour episode 1 of internet tv sci-fi series Pioneer One. Haven’t watched this yet but word around it is good. Via Warren Ellis.

Alan Moore interview at Quietus, and guest appearance on comedy podcast.

Terrifying Green Dragon! Since reading this plot synopsis weeks ago, it has haunted me. By the inimitable sleep-dep.

Via Stephen Fry – stunning close-up photos of eyes. Beautiful and weird.

This week’s Star Wars reimagining: Wookiee the Pooh

And finally… bicycle safety. At the half-way mark it gets particularly funky.

6 thoughts on “Sort of Busy Linky”

  1. In my opinion, it would be huge shame to watch those Tarkovsky movies online. They’re visually astounding, and watching them in a visually degraded format with a sizable watermark does them no justice at all.

    It reminds me of David Lynch talking about people who think they’ve really seen a movie when they’ve watched it on “a fucking telephone.”

  2. Nice call Pearce.

    At the very least go hire Mirror somewhere and let your wife-to-be pass out with boredom on a New Year’s Eve while you witness the single most beautiful scene in cinema history.

    Oh wait…

  3. Mirror is pretty awesome, if you can take the glacial pacing. There’s one shot that’s just of trees moving in the breeze that haunted me for weeks afterwards – I can’t point to exactly what it was about it.

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