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According to the agenda, I am speaking at approx 10am tomorrow at this conference. My topic will be boring. As in boring holes in the skull. Yes, I am squeezing a trepanation metaphor into a 10-minute talk about a web implementation. I must amuse myself somehow.

Also amuse myself with linky. To wit:

Haven’t had any Star Wars linky for a while. Remedy ahoy: Dress Jesus up as a Star Wars character. Star Wars mice. It’s never too early to talk to your kids about Star Wars. Star Wars vintage travel posters. Katie the Star Wars girl. And my old boss and her husband led* the project for the biggest ever Lego mosaic (and it is Star Wars themed).

[*not really, see comments; oversimplified to make it look like I know all the most important people in the world, because knowing all the loveliest people in the world clearly is not enough for me]

Mitchell & Webb: Elderly Sherlock Holmes

Time lapse of the aurora borealis

Privilege-denying dude changes face (but not attitude)

Jem’s cartoon wardrobe. Very thorough.

From Blaise: complex mathematical problem solved by bees

From Hamish Cameron: some research figured out a few secrets of how Facebook does its news feed. This made me change some of my settings in useful ways.

From Chuck G: Danny MacAskill does crazy stuff on his bike and makes Scotland look like paradise.

From CJ who is also talking at the conference tomorrow, this great article on cyborgs: “But a cyborg revolution was happening the same year Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline coined the term. A hostile environment was being tamed by a newly and artificially capable people. It escaped notice and critique though, because the modified weren’t men, and then environment wasn’t space. The modified were women, and the environment was men.”

And finally… Kim Jong-il looking at things.

4 thoughts on “Agenda Linky”

  1. thanks for the mention honey. just to say that we were part of a big team, masterminded by Duncan the only UK-based LCP (LEGO Certified Professional) for DK publishing. Credit where its due and all that 🙂

  2. Trepanning gags? Let ’em fly – your audience will awl love it, they know the drill.

    (I’m here for the rest of the week, folks. Try the buffet!)

  3. <3 linky! Surprised that my pick of the day was the Scottish cycling… awesome feats meshed beautifully with the music… I'd love to be that fearless and skilful. There's something fascinating, too, about abandoned structures in beautiful landscapes (gun emplacements on Wellington hills).

    Also loved the cyborg article

    The Mitchell and Webb elderly Sherlock Holmes (dinner with my Nan tonight)… That juxtoposition of tragedy and humour, fantasy and real recognisable human experience, is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to be able to write well…

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