Waiting Linky

[yes still waiting come on baby]

Time lapse – 10 years

Hear the individual recording tracks of Helter Skelter and Gimme Shelter. There’s probably more of these out there.

Great article about young Haitians learning to make films. (By Anne Nocenti who used to write Daredevil back in the day, funnily enough.)

The entirety of the 1910 Frankenstein film

The AV Club’s been running a great series, Whatever happened to Alternative Nation?, which is an account of the “alt rock”/”grunge” era from the perspective of a guy who grew up amongst it. Which is to say, he writes about my life, dude. Well written and worth a read for those who, like me, had their minds blown a bit when they first heard Smells like teen spirit in ’91. (Though I didn’t become a Nirvana fan for a few years after that.)

80s sci-fi/fantasy mixtape

Photoshop at work on Megan Fox

From my bro: Law & the multiverse, a blog deconstructing the legal ramifications of superhero stories.

Amazing coin-based stop-motion film. (With 1-minute making of at the end.)

Damn you Autocorrect!

Tintin meets Lovecraft

Awkward School Pictures

And finally… WTF Woody from Toy Story? (not safe for work, or for your dignity)

3 thoughts on “Waiting Linky”

  1. Astounding. How dare Woody for about to bash Buzz’s head in with an urn whilst Buzz enjoys tako-yaki?!? WTF. Tako-yaki are meant to be ENJOYED.

    You asshole Woody.

  2. Woody. Oh Woody. You should’ve saved more money during your heyday. Now look at you…

    …andyway, thanks for that ‘Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation?’ linky. Gonna read those, seek that perspective. Its something I’ve wondered about, now and then. Music, music is so important to me, and that period was my coming of age, but I don’t listen or even care about most of it now. No nostalgia for that period like people the age I am now had for early-70s rock when I was 18.

    It’s odd (or is it?) The music I feel most nostalgia for from that period of my life was the stuff I wasn’t hugfely into then – the hip hop in particular. And the ‘alternative’ to the alternative of the town; ie, what the English were doing during the same period.

  3. Loving that Damn You Auto Correct site – great mix of the surreal and the stupidly dirty. Cooking baby pirates with garlic, instating school unicorns, and mom making yummy porn tonight. 😀

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