Christmas Linky (by Pearce)

Hi. I’m Pearce. Morgue and Cal have had a baby, so today you get linky from me.

An explication of James Bond’s taste in whiskey.

Black Christmas is a compilation you can download for free of The Cramps’ favourite Christmas songs.

In that vein here is a YouTube playlist of Lovecraftian Christmas songs, by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

Richard Pryor in the Star Wars bar, because I couldn’t bear to link to the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Homosexual Frogs is an interesting discussion of the Political Correctness thing.

Gruesome Victorian-ish porcelain dolls.

I first ran across Shrine of the Mall Ninja a couple of years ago courtesy of William Gibson’s blog.

It was eight years yesterday since Joe Strummer died. Lest We Forget.

Brian Cox teaches Shakespeare to a toddler:

Merry Christmas to all!

Remember kids: Santa is a professional. Don't try this at home!

[morgue says: awesome! Hey y’all, go read the Pearce blog! It is full of coolness.]

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    I’ll hopefully work through all these linky over the course of a Christmas Eve!

    I’ll make sure Willa listens close to RIchard Pryor. Wholesome entertainment there I expect.

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