Doctor Who: Rose

So I caved and downloaded the leaked first episode of the new Doctor Who.
Y’all should know: Doctor Who is the one sci-fi thing that really gets me. I mean, really really gets me. I am helpless before its premise (both thematic and actual). I like the theme tune. I like the blue box. I even kinda like the daleks.
(Hell, I even kinda liked Bonnie Langford’s character.)
Well, I’ve been eager for this since it was announced in 2003. There was no safer pair of hands, I thought, than Russell T Davies – he wrote a great Doctor Who book (featuring gaybashing and council estate nastiness alongside dimension-hopping Lovecraft-by-way-of-Grant-Morrison scifi weirdness) then established rock-solid professional TV credentials, then came back to his first love. He has the love of a fan, but the nous of a professional – a desperately rare combination.
Well: I have seen the first episode, and it is all good.
What makes it Doctor Who? The Doctor sneaks into the monster’s lair with a vial that will be deadly to the monster that is trying to conquer earth. His new friend Rose tells him to hurry up and use the vial. The Doctor replies: “I didn’t come here to kill it! I have to give it a chance.”
And then he goes and chats to the monster.
I told my brother he has to watch it when it hits NZ. Now, he’s never been a Who fan – and (unlike, say, with Buffy or Freaks and Geeks) I’ve never been much of a Who proselytiser. But I have given him the instruction and I give it to you as well. From the email I sent him:
“It’s bloody marvellous though. The *pace* of it! It races through, barely
pausing for breath, delivers some great subtle comedy along with the [SPOILER REMOVED!!] stuff, and shock of shocks Billie Piper (ex crappy pop kiddie)
holds her own opposite Chris Eccleston (who will finally stop being known as
‘the one what was killed on Cracker’ with this role).
It’s daft but massively enthusiastic and you *will* give it a shot.”
The last shot of the episode – that last one second – it just about made me cry.
But mostly, I was just laughing. Did I say? It’s funny – really funny.
In the UK: Sat 26 March, 7pm, BBC1.
In New Zealand: Prime TV, date yet to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Rose”

  1. Ha, I knew you couldn’t resist! You are weak, weak I say!
    Haven’t sucumbed to the lure of the p2p networks yet, but 26th March is a long way away … still, I’ve waited years, I can wait a few more days.

  2. Yay! I’m glad someone I trust has given me the good word on it. I was a lettle trepedatious (sp?) about it (Billie Piper???), but I am now reassured 🙂

  3. I always think of Christopher Eccleston as “the nutter in the ceiling in Shallow Grave”.
    And what do you mean you “even kinda liked the daleks”? Don’t you mean “was absolutely terrified of the daleks as a child, and has loved them ever since”? Or is that just me?

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