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Digging through the backlog of linky suspects. Hopefully none of these have been linked before.

Pixel art cartooning demonstrates how much nuance in you can get in pixelart, using Star Trek characters

Great panels from vintage comics

Classic early 20th-c sci-fi artist Frank R Paul

Great essay from the Columbia Journalism Review (via the DimPost I think, it’s been a while) about being a young woman journo moving into the new media (Gawker!), or more generally, about what was (is) going on in journalism.

Cookie Monster trains IBM sales staff in 1967

Evan Dorkin’s FUN strips. Hilarious. Inappropriate. Not nearly as well-known as they should be. (Dude writes for Yo Gabba Gabba now, parents! See the horrible truth behind his child-friendly exterior!)

David Lynch’s interview project. Lynch went around the US interviewing random people. I haven’t watched any of these but one day I will. I kinda imagine it’ll be like The Straight Story, but real.

A song from Rambo: The Musical

Journo goes undercover at a gay-to-straight conversion camp

Photo: Aleister Crowley and Fernando Pessoa playing chess.

NERD RAGE, in rap form

And finally…
David Mitchell with pizza

One thought on “UnRecent Linky”

  1. The pixel art is clever

    Interested by the gay to straight conversion camp story… especially the use of touch. My youth group was very touchy/huggy, and when I found myself on the outside because I was asking inappropriate questions, one of the things that nearly sent me back was missing the physical contact, and apparently for enforcing social bonds… I find this very creepy!

    I’ve been thinking of writing a “religious retreat” (real life horror) LARP for Fright Night, with an evangelical couple from the states visiting a NZ congregation to help them cast out their demons… hadn’t considered the gay angle, just het promiscuity. This would be a good plotline…

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