RPG bundle for Christchurch

Nearly $350 of RPG stuff for $20

All proceeds to earthquake relief in Christchurch.

Helping get this up and running has been a significant preoccupation in the last couple days. I’ve written before about similar efforts to help Pakistan & Haiti. The Christchurch quake isn’t on the massive scale of those disasters, but it has hit our small country pretty damn hard.

If you’re into tabletop games, drop US$20 on this bundle. You will be rewarded with some incredibly cool bits of gaming genius, and you’ll be directly donating to a good cause. Everybody wins.

Thanks to all those who purchase, all those who contributed products, and all those who helped make it happen.

4 thoughts on “RPG bundle for Christchurch”

  1. Thank you for the heads-up and the link. Sadly, I’ve had terrible trouble downloading the purchased product(s) from RPGNow, with multiple repeated RPGNow,server-side script error messages, punishing download times (such that the RPGNow server simply repeatedly times out, over a broadband connection) and I’ve simply given up after 2.5 hours of utterly fruitless effort. Don’t know if anyone else has had these difficulties – I certainly hope not. Hey, at least I made a donation to a very good cause, I guess. :-/

  2. !! That doesn’t sound good! I haven’t had any troubles with them, nor have others I’ve spoken to.

    Perhaps you could email RPGNow’s service people and see if they can help? It might be a known error.

    Or wait until you get access to a different computer and download them then – they’ll wait!

    Thanks for your support anyway. I hope you do get your hands on the games, they’re bloody good.

  3. Thanks 2trees!

    Latest update: “Just a quick heads-up that our servers are getting slammed do to the demand for this bundle and the entire site is being affected. If you can hold off downloading everything in the bundle for a few days that would be great.”

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