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Did you check out all the amazing linky people added in comments last week? So much good stuff there. I haven’t even got to the end of the list myself. Go back and see. And hey, it’s not too late to add yours…

But the grind of linky is eternal and unceasing, so here be more:

The Content Farm, which shows how one good joke executed flawlessly can be all you need.

Data about infographics, presented as an infographic.

What a personality cult actually is (I found this quite enlightening)

Forbes fictional rich list

Star Wars the musical from 1996! This is an unlicensed adaptation of Star Wars performed by high-schoolers, with new Star Wars lyrics to famous songs. The bits I watched work surprisingly well – it’s heaps of fun. (This is what I hoped Glee the TV show would be like.) Here’s a sample, the rest at the link:

Star Wars the Musical: Act 1, Part 1 from Funny Farm Films on Vimeo.

Office supply art

Automated voicemail transcription service is asked to transcribe the poem Ozymandias. Fascinating. Found art as mashup?

Photos of 1800s theatre stars. Also in 1800s photography: Lewis Carroll’s photos.

60 completely unusable stock photos

Relive your adolescent frustration with this compilation of game deaths:

And finally, via Dangerous Minds of course, the stylings of the Eminems of Ayn Rand, the Vanilla Ice Tea of the Tea Party, yes it’s the conservative movement’s rap duo: The Young Cons. Swoon!

5 thoughts on “And now linky”

  1. Seriously. Stop posting things like Young Cons. It strengthens the idea that my country is full of right-wing wackos…..wait…you’re right. You’re fine….

  2. i love that Young Cons video. With the dancing kid, and all the brooding gazing at the horizon, and their clothes, and… all of it. It gives me joy!

  3. You want right wing wacko rap videos? Here’s, apparently seriously, a 9/11 truther rap, featuring the rebel yell of “We gotta band together, do what we can to spread the knowledge/ Pass out documentary DVDs at every college,” and bustin’ open new world of scansion with “If you believe the official story you can be sure to say / I guess the laws of physics stopped working that day.”

    You want right wing wacko rap videos? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE RIGHT WING WACKO RAP VIDEOS.

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