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The royal wedding happens Friday evening NZ time. I think 90% of the nation is having semi-ironic viewing parties. It will be on in all the pubs. What is this I don’t even

In honour of the creation of a new fairytale princess: the 10 Best or Worst Comic Book Princesses

From the Flatlander and many other places – Amazon’s book with an asking price of $23-million.

1950s pin-up girls: reference photos and final versions

Some smart people been writing ’bout passwords recently. Hamish Ritchie linked to a logical argument that “this is fun” is a much safer password than “3rfff89tk”. And James Wallis reveals a password method that doesn’t require you to remember very much at all.

Sartre Wars: (via Dangerous Minds)

5 ways Obama “Birthers” are like climate change deniers

My fellow moose Jonathan Todd gave a talk at Nerdnite Welly about interesting stuff. (I haven’t watched it yet but why wait to share!)

NNW5 – Consciousness and Reality, Story, and Bad SF movies from nerdnite wellington on Vimeo.

From Mr 2trees, the Doctor Who Redesign Project. Love this stuff!

You’ll want to read this chat with Wendell Pierce for what he says about being Bunk on The Wire, but the best bit is him talking about making Get On The Bus and working with Ossie Davis.

And finally, a sequel to E.T. that brings the scares!

(Worth noting: E.T. started out as a horror film called Night Skies)

2 thoughts on “Princess!!! Linky”

  1. zOMG redesigned Movellans, Quarks and DOMINATORS.

    If a Nimon had been there too my head would have exploded.

  2. Woo Breakers! From a short dude.

    Oh hey, Scandinavian Redesign Guy looks like he updated things since Zeus Blog linked to him a few years back! I still love his Cyberman, and the Sontaran’s gotta lotta bulk, and I even liked the (unshown) Drahvin. But that Quark is wrongsource.

    My ironic viewing of the Royal Wedding through the medium of actually-watching Kick-Ass came to a premature end when I was conscripted into watching the darned thing anyway by Gorillamydreams. I’m bored, but the sham-pagne is kicking in nicely…

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