Some stately, plump links for you.

Science laffs: another of that research genre “analyse something fictional, pretending it is real” uses Asterix and head injuries. The Daily Telegraph doesn’t get the joke. (It’d be funnier if this didn’t demonstrate how entrenched is the discourse that says scientists are clueless, disconnected from reality, and Spending Our Taxes. )

Dear Photograph

10 mind-blowing Easter Eggs hidden in albums So much here I’d never heard of, including a secret track on the Public Enemy album I bought in 1994. Hah.

The amazing Colleen Coover does a wonderful unlicensed Lois/Lana/Superman strip

Sharks leaping out of the water. Finally time for that Michael Bay remake of Jaws.

New strip by Toby Morris about his great gran in Napier. Lovely stuff.

Google is trapping you in a bubble. (via Alastair G, who just welcomed babby #2 into the world, congrats dude)

No Star Wars this week, so here’s some Indiana Jones: Tom Selleck & Sean Young’s screen test, and the complete backyard shot-for-shot remake by those kids in the 80s.

Via John Fouhy – does every link pathway on Wikipedia ultimately lead to Philosophy?

Interesting piece by Polly Toynbee on the word “chav” and how it perpetuates social division in the UK. Worth pointing out that “chav”, like the Scottish neds, aren’t just a mass of young people in general, but a distinct set with clearly marked clothing and behavioural choices, in the same way that goths are. So I don’t know if I buy the whole of this argument – but I’m certainly sympathetic to it.

The Atlantic covers how Settlers of Catan is becoming a mainstream boardgame. (There’s a rebuttal article linked at the bottom that is just silly.)

My friend Craig’s team’s entry from the Edinburgh 48 hr film comp (winner of best mockumentary I believe)

And this year’s Jenni’s Angels entry into the NZ 48:

And finally, it turns out Sean Bean really could get shot by all those orc arrows.

4 thoughts on “Bloomslinky”

  1. Re. CD Easter Eggs. On the basis of that link I just checked my copy of ‘Kid A’ which I have had for close to a decade, and holy shit, the hidden booklet was right there.

    Also found the ‘Dear Photograph’ link frankly inspirational, and the shark link just awesome. I tried wild dolphin photography once and he isn’t kidding about how hard it is to get images like that.

  2. Samm: How could word of mouth not get around that the Kid A booklet was there? When you consider the dumb things that do get passed around by bored teenagers/twenty-somethings.

    Stephen: *love*

  3. I’m not a huge Radiohead fan, was never in that particular loop, and picked up the album on a whim long after it was released. I may have read something about it when it was released but didn’t care enough to retain it.

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