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I gave some script notes for one 48 hour film team as they worked up the script – my buddy Jon’s team Red2 Productions. I think the finished product works very well indeed. (And man, there were some unexpected and unwarranted challenges they had to face along the way!) Here’s the entry:

(I think the opening is super-strong, actually – sets up character and motivation so deftly. And the bit of business 0:42 to 0:48 – that little reversal – works a dream. I would’ve cut that; Jon was right to come up with it in the first place, and to keep it in.)

Listener article about why we’re so bloody useless about reducing carbon emissions. Featuring Lower Hutt’s finest, Martin Manning, and my friend from Brazil, Taciano Milfont, who both have smart things to say. Related: an excellent article looking into climate change denial and the psychological factors that reinforce it.

Speaking of psychological factors and denial – you *have* to read this Rolling Stone article about the crazy right-wing milf-du-jour Michele Bachmann. It is laugh-a-minute funny, which is awkward when the first thing the writer says is, if you laugh at her, she wins.

How illustrators over a century have depicted the Old Maid (from the card game).

A very Potter musical. What it sounds like.

Instant arty bollocks.

Mixtape that is an audio action movie. Love.

Why is U2 so popular?

Detailed sea serpent report from an 1827 seaman’s journal

Some dumb classic ads – many of these you’ll have seen before, but a bunch were new to me

Obligatory Star Wars linky: Star Wars meets Doctor Who

And finally, via Rodger –

4 thoughts on “Value Added Linky”

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and defend U2. I get the feeling these days that a lot of smirking ironic U2 bashing is simply because they are U2 and they are a big fat soft mainstream representative with sanctimonious ideals that is easy to target, and fashionable to do so (in short, a bandwagon).I seldom see a critique of U2 or their fans these days that is actually based around the merits of the music.
    It is all about mocking them (or any act that has been around as long or has achieved the same exposure) as an institution.

    Granted a lot of people will go to U2 concerts because it is the only live music they have ever wanted to attend, or ever will, but a whole lot of others go because they like the music, and they like going to concerts by artists they like. THEY MIGHT EVEN GO TO OTHER MORE ZEIGEISTICALLY ACCEPTABLE GIGS TOO.

    I am utterly indifferent to anything U2 have released since 1996 or so, but would still go for the earlier stuff. Who gives a rats if that is just for nostalgia, or is nostalgia uncool now as well? I resent this idea that if you aren’t going to the newest gig/act that all the cool kids are talking about then both the artist you are seeing and how you relate to them aren’t worth shit, which is what that link seems to be espousing.

    Some music is better than other music, but c’mon, people should be allowed to like what they like without some hipper-than-thou finger pointing and laughing. Not everyone is a serious music fan or critic.

    *end rant*

  2. Paul: ta 🙂

    samm: I confess the U2 link is there mostly because I enjoyed the snark. Your rant is fair enough though.

  3. I have always thought it lame to point out problems with movies, but to a man who edited it: if he was playing at my table, he would’ve lost that hand, since he called the pair first, then dropped the full house. What you call is what you’re playing with, so you better know what you’re doing…..I know it’s more suspenseful this way, but someone she should’ve pulled a gun on him really, because she seems like the kind of girl who rolls with her shit off safety….

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