Rolling Around Linky

The Willa is gleefully rolling around the room, which gives me just enough time for a quick bout of Friday linky.

Infographic: Size 8 variance across fashion designers

LIFE has a gallery of pics from the Mad Magazine offices. Eventually someone is going to make a movie about this magazine, and they will win a whole swag of Oscars.

Took me a while to get around to reading this, but it is recommended: 30 years on we are still learning from AIDS

The Batmobile and the ECTO-1 in the style of Pixar’s Cars. And characters from the Lord of the Rings in the style of indie kids and hipsters.

For Māori Language Week: make your own kid’s book in te reo

Short film, worth watching:

Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Design a better bike (or, really, fail to design a better bike)

And finally… you seen the Hunt Me For Sport guy, right? It’s been on real news and suchlike, even. Cool. How about this then: guy visits a flea market in his dreams, returns with a mission to create the weird toys he saw there.

3 thoughts on “Rolling Around Linky”

  1. Awesome linky this week, thank you Morgue… Loved Plot Device and the Bro’ship, and found the AIDS article well worth the read.

    Rolly polly Willa FTW! Hopefully get to see her (and you and Cal) soon!

  2. Cool… just had a play with the kid’s book thing! We will make some of those!

  3. I hope so too. Hardly anyone sees Willa who isn’t family – we’re both just stupidly busy. This has been an insane year. But Willa will be around for a while yet!

    *hugs to you*

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