Election ’11: Something you can do

In our MMP electoral system, every vote matters.

Social psychology tells us that the biggest influence on our behaviour is the behaviour of people we know.

Our day-to-day social groups usually share our opinions on political matters, but Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, other social media tools) connects many of us to people beyond this.

So here’s a simple thing you can do before the election: announce on social media how you’re going to vote. Perhaps also say why if you can sum it up in a sentence. No big song and dance required, no need to engage in arguments if people reply. Just speak up.

It will count.

5 thoughts on “Election ’11: Something you can do”

  1. Thanks Karen! And for the reminder Ivan. Very important not to get lazy around MMP. Especially with the National MPs dripfeeding, one by one, their support for a change away from MMP towards SM.

  2. Took the Ancient One to vote today, and it was bitter gall and wormwood to my soul to have to point out where she should tick for her National Party and National Candidate vote. A fleeting thought of how easy it would be to point out a different and greener circle for her to place her tick, in her blindness. As for the referendum, yes she ticked MMP but then said, Oh it doesn’t matter about an alternative system, I’ll just tick the first one (FPP) – despite my “oh yes it does”…. too late… On Election Day I’m working with people who need help voting…. here’s hoping the temptation is kept at bay with chocolate….

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