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Thanks to the kindness of one @BKDrinkwater, I saw a movie in a cinema yesterday (second time this year! Whoop!) – it was Tintin, and it was fun, though I can see why the purists were furious – it was definitely a movie interpretation of Tintin, not just an adaptation. After which, some Wiki clicking revealed that there was a 1947 stop motion adaptation of the adventure Crab With The Golden Claws. Fascinating. Would love to see that.

Achewood is back! Don’t start with the most recent strip though. And don’t start at the start. Start… um… I dunno where. Randomly.

I haven’t even watched this yet but it’s getting muchas sharing by people who comment stuff like “amazing” and “so cool” so I reckon it’ll be worth your time.

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

What have those Muppets been auditioning for?

Watch while you can: song medley at the Jim Henson memorial service. Clips from this incredible event never stay up on YouTube for long. This is wondrous and a bit heartbreaking.

Found that via the AV Club’s ongoing retrospective of the classic Muppet Show – which also makes the entirely accurate claim that Rita Moreno performing Fever is “one of the best of the best segments of any TV variety show ever”. Watch it. 2 minutes of incredible.

And while Muppeting: Muppets audition for the part of Yoda

Disturbing LEGO insight

You Are Not So Smart does social insight, small groups, the Robbers Cave experiment, and a whole bunch of good stuff that I love.

Fascinating overview of the story of the online alternative currency BitCoin at Wired.

Great feature journalism: the men who maintain the Forth Bridge.

How Adbusters started the worldwide Occupy movement. And here’s a nice summary of what Occupy is all about.

Octopus thinking. I love octopus stories. This story is an example of why. (via Emma)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cosplay. I haven’t watched this show so I’m not a brony. But it sounds like a good time.

And finally… India talent show

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