Faces Everywhere Linky

Hey, that plug socket looks like a face! Yes – but does face recognition technology also think so? Machine pareidolia

Ten 100-year predictions that came true

U.S. right wing as demented cult – a disillusioned insider speaks. And David Frum writes about the same thing. As I’ve said before, this is the logical consequence of Karl Rove.

Hello: (via many people!)

Dogs bark the Imperial March. Yes. It’s a commercial for VW, try not to be influenced to buy a VW.

Dangerous Minds has been finding full movies on YouTube –
The Hobbit (1977)

Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (1965)

Also, that 1966 Hobbit movie in full, with the full weird story behind its creation. (The film itself has been all over the place but the original story hasn’t been shared nearly as much.)

Bartok found The Restart Page – reboot your computer the old-fashioned way!

China’s deserted fake Disneyland, and New York’s unused secret subway station.

And finally, Cliff Richard Dying Inside

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  1. The pareidolia one made me think that you could base an interesting horror story on the premise that the cases where the computer vision sees faces that we don’t aren’t mistakes; instead, they’re outlining a blind spot in our image processing, something we’re not meant to see, etc.

  2. That ad made me think of how the imperial march sounds like spoonful of sugar, so I looked and someone did a mashup!

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