Rye Whiskey Linky

Linky named in honour of the rye whiskey that broke inside the Alligator’s bags en route to the Hutt Valley. We did not drink you, rye whiskey, but we inhaled your aromas.

Some linky then:

Modernist Journals, complete in PDF. Includes, for example, all three issues of The Blue Review (1913) edited by John Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield. Quite, quite wow.

Retronaut has some colour photographs of WWI. (Presumably using the autochrome process?)

The Star Tours ride is gone – but it has been recreated. By a fan. In both 2D and 3D.

Top 10 relationship words not translatable into english

Via Susan H, New Scientist looks at flow – that state when you’re totally in the zone.

The death and return of Superman, as goofy film. Marvellous. I used to describe this storyline as “DC using up all public goodwill in order to give Superman a mullet.”

Mrs Meows discusses the plight of the Disney starlets.

Photos of shrines in teenage bedrooms

Tiny Little Love Stories

And finally, the logical end of all those Sh!t People Say videos

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  1. There is a word in an aboriginal language which means heartbroken but translates literally as “breath broke.” I like good words.

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