NZers: some must-watch TV

Songs From The Inside
Four celebrated Kiwi musicians embark on a project to bring music to prisoners.
Everything embedded in Māori protocol. (Right down to how the closing credits are done.)
Half-hour episodes. Ten or so?

Watch the first one here. (Hopefully it works for overseas folk too)

Māori Television, Sunday nights, 8pm.

3 thoughts on “NZers: some must-watch TV”

  1. Your “everything embedded in Maori protocol” comment reminds me to mention Mana Mamau, the New Zealand professional wrestling show MTV host, produced with Auckland’s Impact Pro Wrestling.

    I’ve seen the lengths those MTV hire to produce their content go to both accommodate and ensure Maoritanga is within each and everything they put on their screens – including professional wrestling, which while it may have a strong potential Maori audience, is mostly performed (at the moment, in this country) by Pakeha and Pasifika performers.

    And MTV does a damn great job.

  2. P.S. My highlight of the last year – especially since the Rugby World Cup – is seeing the acronym “MTV” being fully associated in this country with Maori TV, not some lame-ass reality-tv american network.

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