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Aliens Epilogue – a half-hour fan film set between Aliens and Alien3. Contains some very ambitious staging and plenty of in-jokes. Probably incomprehensible for non-fans. Everything is very amateur, but with an amateur’s deep love. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

The most badass alphabet ever

Google as an 80s-era Bulletin Board system. It works, too.

Film criticism as spiritual discipline

Message to a daughter

Determine your degree of colour blindness (via edel)

The Atlantic profiles dissident art-focused game designer Jonathan Blow – the chap who made Braid, if you’ve heard of that. Pushing for art, rather than artfulness, in game design is an extremely worthy goal. (Although, I think this article undersells though the interesting stuff going on in the indie and small-scale game design scenes, an ecosystem that has exploded thanks to the App Store and various freemium revenue models.)

Theremina linked to the helpful Calming Manatee service, which will calm you down most pleasantly. published an Imprint article about a classic advertiser whose work was satirised on the cover of a very early issue of Mad. Here is that cover. It’s amazing. Mad was so far ahead of its time!

This week’s Star Wars content courtesy the other Moose: a highschool that looks like a Star Wars spaceship.

Which fictional characters share your birthday? Here’s a helpful calendar (thanks Amanda L!)

Double Oh:

Realistic anatomies of cartoon characters (via Maire)

And finally… the most copied comics panel of all time (includes a naked lady so probably not safe for work)

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  1. That test makes my eyes do funny things without even trying. I give up. @hritchie (r/g colour blind) needs to give it a go.

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