Cosplay Linky

This is an 18 second video of the best home-made costume I’ve ever seen:

Via Dylan, Eric Valli’s amazing photography of people living off the grid

Great idea well-executed: Broadway show of Mary Poppins puts on special autism-friendly performance. It’s clear they really thought about how to do this. Awesome.

The Republia Times: play at being the editor of a newspaper in a country that is not free (browser game).

This week’s Star Wars content: the Stormtrooper Shuffle. Amazing student project.

The Weird Al Yankovi of other music genres (yes Weird Al does all genres just roll with it)

Search the deep reaches of the net easily with MillionShort, which strips off the first million (or hundred thou, or ten thou) results.

The entire Slender Man mythos – an immense shared storytelling initiative played out mostly through online video – has been compiled.

The Atlas of True Names

Stuck on an essay? Deadline approaching? Here’s your solution: EssayTyper

Tim Denee linked to wiki’s page on distinguishing green and blue in language. Very interesting.

Map of musical styles

Via loads of people: your logical fallacy is…

And finally, via Dave Cormack, depressing cat video

3 thoughts on “Cosplay Linky”

  1. How weird! Just last night I was looking for Henri on this blog, thinking I’d found it here first off! It’s like you went back in time, read my mind, then returned to the present to retrospectively correct my error with a built-in 24 hour time delay to cover your tracks!

    BTW, on no account look at the first Henri video. It’s nowhere near as good and actually succeeds in being depressing instead of adorable. Mrs Simian loves the ‘cheeseburgers’ part.

  2. Debbie: isn’t it great? It just makes my imagination fire about what a truly inclusive world would be like

    Jet: Actually I sent this entry back from the future, because in the original timeline you got so frustrated at not finding him here that you were distracted and walked out in front of a bus and got knocked down so you had to walk on crutches for a week and then your crutch was bitten by a dog who ran off with it down the street and the dog with the crutch accidentally knocked over a kindly old lady and you felt really guilty about it. So in order to save you from that dark timeline i sent this entry back in time, thereby changing the future to the one you’re now experiencing. You’re welcome.

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