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How to learn: Mastering linear algebra in 10 days

Star Wars girl gets a treat. Couple years back this girl was bullied at school for liking Star Wars more than pink princesses. This is the tale of her great costume for this year’s Halloween. (via Anthony Kitt)

Linda Blair’s on-set dialogue delivery for The Exorcist (via Pearce and loads of other places)

Mean Doses offers up the PSYning

12-year-old uses D&D monsters to help his dad with some eye-tracking research. And is lead author on the paper! NEAT.

H.P.Lovecraft Institute of Software Design
The physics of “The Call of Cthulhu” (PDF)

Amazing! A magical feature of the London underground, one I never heard of before. (via Making Light)

You’ve seen that pic of the baby-as-Ripley-in-power-loader costume, yeah? Mat Gritt found video. Yay!

I read about this project when it was a plan. It rather exceeds expectations. Check it out: boxes of english-language android tablets dropped, with no instructions, in isolated & poor Ethiopian villages. Within six months the kids not only have taught themselves to use them – they’re HACKING THEM.

Ha! The game Monopoly? Was stolen! From a game in the public domain! (via Allen Varney) (still a sucky game)

Wgtn cartoonist Grant Buist created a complete webcomic adaptation of Waiting for Godot’s act one. Using clip art of cacti.

Big History – an alternative curriculum for schools, that puts our place in the world in perspective. Nice. (via Ivan) (actually this reminds of the curriculum my high school history teacher Michael Fowler invented for the junior-school class he made up “heritage studies”)

Can I buy you a coffee? This is an analogy. It seems like a pretty sharp one.

James Bond: the nymphographic


and also finally, the ultimate educational game, FROG FRACTIONS. Just play it, to the end.

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  1. Re HPL Institute of Software Design: curiously enough, just the other day I was reminded of Lovecraft’s remark that “The most merciful thing in the world… is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents,” and thought, “But that’s exactly what I HAVE to do when I’m debugging…”

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