Get Prepared 22 Feb

With the second anniversary of the big Christchurch quake about to arrive, I decided to do something a bit more organised than last year’s “check your prep kits everyone” messages.

I’ve started a Facebook page (that feeds on to Twitter):
Get Prepared 22 February. It makes Feb 22, the earthquake anniversary day, the day we all check and refresh our emergency preparedness kits.

The idea is to use social media and a relevant anniversary to help people follow through on their good intentions. This is, of course, another development of the social psychology I did for my Masters research, like the small group action stuff.

It’d be great if this picked up some momentum, but it should work fine with the number of people it already has. Still, if you’re on FB or Twitter, please consider signing up & sharing with your own contacts.

2 thoughts on “Get Prepared 22 Feb”

  1. If your hope for this is for it to spread through social media including Twitter, is there a particular reason you haven’t mentioned it on your own Twitter feed? Not meaning to be snarky here, genuinely curious — is it an experiment to see how it grows without your intervention? (I saw you retweeted a mention of it.)

  2. It’s a good question. I can only plead scatterbrainedness. I’ve been thinking about within-FB strategy but haven’t yet coherently thought about Twitter beyond setting up an account specifically for it.

    But you’re right – an RT-able tweet will hit a whole different constituency. Will try and sort something.

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