Valentine’s Linky

Hearts and chocolates and all that. ROMANCE.

Abandoned suitcases of insane asylum patients (via Dylan)

Car gets stuck at 125mph. Amazingly, this ends well.

Sample the delights of Murs’ comments on RapGenius, explaining the lyrics of hip-hop tracks. (Murs is a guy who is a rapper.)

Awesome celebratory Oscars poster. Really clever!

Drones in pakistan – no, not that sort of drone. Cool!

Can anyone remember the film (late 90s I think, maybe Italian?) that was based on this thing – a filmmaker going from small town to small town getting the locals to pay him to make a movie? (In the film I remember it was totally a scam, but the real story involved real filmmaking, and is much weirder for it.)

From mundens: emoji dick

Afghani skateboarding school, for girls (also mundens)

Unfinished scripts

Amazing minecraft creations

Did Lego really get more expensive?

Lego Lovecraft

The Haunted Toaster of 1984 (via Matt B)

The psychedelic world of old computer ads

Some beautiful and haunting photos of abandoned places (this has been shared all over the place – check it out if you haven’t, the pics are lovely)

Literacy privilege? Hmm.

Vaguely rude placenames of the world – via Mike F

Dancing dude meets sign-flipping dude (also via Mike F)

How to videos: how to make a baby (via Dylan)

Why do aircraft still have ashtrays in the toilets?

Winningest TARDIS model ever (via Damon)

See some of the amazing text games being written for Twine

And finally, via Sam Walker, a nice reminder that my culture’s way of doing things is not every culture’s way of doing things:

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Linky”

  1. I’ve never listened to much of Murs’ stuff, despite intending to for years and years. I have a Felt comic book from like eight years ago, even.

    Wodehouse Drones in Pakistan? Isn’t that how the subcontinent got into such a mess in the first place? 😛

  2. “Because I am a Hero, I must love boobs.” and “Boobie over demons, that is my decision.” crack me up every time. Its a great show so far, about 1/3 the way in.

  3. Would you be able to post a link to the embedded video on YouTube. My smartphone is packing a sad at trying to copy the link.

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